Why do some people become addicted to online casino games? (Part 2)

Personal pressure

Betting can also, at some point, be a means of turning around the personal pressures that gamblers are facing. Like other evils, gambling is also used by gamblers to escape the special daily pressures they face such as unemployment, separation – divorce, loss of loved ones and many reasons.

Betting thus becomes a float for the challenges they are facing; and instead of controlling it, if they fail to control win-lose, it can lead to catastrophic results.

Financial issues

Another factor is financial problems. Betting, it’s basically not a solution to financial problems, but it is becoming. In desperation, gamblers will think this is a solution to solving the problems they have, but not so.

In fact, it can lead gamblers to bigger problems if they have a big loss and they can’t afford to pull it back.

Victims of abuse

This is the element that we must help gamblers when they are addicted, as a human being. Some gamblers divert their problems and become victims of abuse through betting the same way they try to get rid of their problems.

They suffer physical and mental abuse, or both, so they come to the casino or gamble through online casino websites as a short-term solution to the pain they are suffering from. When betting, they forget the pain and do not care about the effects of it. Therefore, they need our help.


It doesn’t have to be genetics because there is no medical evidence about it, but it seems to be activities that originate from previous generations or experiences from family members, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

They need our help

We must advocate for gaming responsibly. Betting is for fun, not for personal problems. Remember, you should make betting a hobby you can control. Control the online casino games – don’t let the game control you.