Some types of roulette tables casinos often use

Roulette is a popular game at casinos all over the world today. However, in every country, there is a difference from the original game, typically Roulette tables.

Some casinos will use a number of different tables, with different online casinos you may encounter different types of Roulette tables. Here are some types of Roulette roulette tables you may encounter. Let’s learn to not be confused when participating in this online casino game.

French roulette table

France is the cradle of the Roulette. Therefore, the French Roulette table is most popular. In most casinos, it is easier to come across this type of table. This roulette wheel has 37 numbered boxes, numbered from 0 – 36, with 2 red – black painted alternately.

Because this roulette has a 0-digit box, some places are often called 1-digit turntables. The sequences of numbers and characters on the turntable use French terminology. When participating in this roulette table, players can use the basic chips at the casino to bet on each game. The French roulette table has only 1 zeros, so the house edge for betting on the house is only 2.7%, and the winning rate for outside bets is 1.37%.

American Roulette table

This type of roulette table you can see in the United States, Canada, the Bahamat Islands, the Caribbean Islands and some countries in Asia. American Roulette roulette table is hit with 38 boxes, from 0 – 36 and one more box with two zeros is 00. Because there is one more box with two zeros, this roulette table is also called a 2-digit roulette table. Like the French roulette wheel, the American Roulette wheel is alternately painted in red and black.

The ordering of numbers and characters on the roulette table is completely different from the French roulette table. The characters and the number order are all American style and used in English. With an American-style table, players can use chips designed specifically to bet on each game.

The difference between American and French roulette tables is that the American roulette has an extra two-digit box, which increases the house edge. In single and mixed bets, the house edge is at 5.26%.

Mixing Roulette table

This is an American Roulette, but there is only one zero without two zeros. This is a combination of French and American roulette tables. This type of roulette table is mainly applied in England and in the UK only Roulette type of roulette table is legal. Because this roulette table lacks a two-digit box, the house edge on the house edge is only 2.7%.

I have introduced to you some Roulette roulette tables that are commonly used in casinos around the world. Hopefully, this article will help you to play the roulette in every online casino.