Instructions to play Baccarat cards at Empire777

Empire777 is a prestigious newcomer that appeared on the Vietnamese market with many attractive promotions, a variety of games and lots of attractive promotions, so it has attracted many players to learn and want to place bets. Walking around an online gambling forum, there are many brothers who ask how to play Baccarat at the casino house empire777 so we will write a tutorial on how to play Baccarat at Empire777 for your reference.

Step 1. Log into Empire777 to play Baccarat

If you do not have an account at Empire777, create an empire777 account by clicking on the register and filling out personal information.

With the new registered account, players will receive a lot of Empire777 promotions like 100% welcome bonus up to 2 million. After owning an account at the house Empire777, players simply log into the account and find your favorite Baccarat game. Baccarat Casino on all online casinos in Empire777 such as Casino Paris, Malaysia Casino, Casino Tokyo, Casino Seoul, Casino Reno, Casino Vegas have Baccarat, each has many interesting ways to play.

Step 2. Select the Baccarat table on the screen shown as follows

In the Baccarat game there are 3 doors for players to make a bet: Player’s door (player’s door), Banker’s door (house’s door), Tie’s door (tie hand). The cards are divided into 2 parts, the player and the dealer. The lower side the higher the score on, the higher that side wins. We can bet on one of these 3 doors. If the player bets on Banker and Player, the winning rate is 1: 1 but if the Banker bet is set at 5% of the commission for the house, you bet on the Tie to have a win rate of 1: 8.

On the table will display the amount the player wants to bet, just left-click on the amount and place on the door like that. Note that each click on a bet is an additional bet.

Now you know how to play Baccarat rake at the house of Empire777, for new players who do not have much experience, you should bet at a low level, read the latest tutorial on playing baccarat to find out. More details on how to play Baccarat. Wish you have fun moments with Baccarat online game at Empire777.