Instructions for registering a demo account at Bodog (Part 2)

B. Your information when registering for a bodog account

Please provide your correct personal information, to receive promotions, bonuses and confirm deposits and withdraw money quickly and conveniently.


Please enter your name according to your ID card.

Full name

Please enter your first and last name according to your ID card.


Please choose the gender for others to easily call you.

Date of birth



Select the city where you live


Always choose US Dollar currency when registering (at the time of deposit and withdrawal transactions in your country’s currency, redeemable for betting on the site)

Phone number

Provide your valid, contactable phone number for Bodog dealers to provide promotions, bonuses and notices regarding deposits and withdrawals.

Security question

Choose a security question of yourself (do not let others know), help you find the password if you lost or stolen the password.


Answer the security question and please remember your it.

Promo code

There is no need to enter, when making deposit to betting account through Bodog88 network you will be instructed on how to receive promotion money.

Fill out your information completely and accurately when you register your bodog account.

3. Successfully registering at bodog

Click SEND NOW to complete your Bodog88 account registration

Register your account

Confirm the registration

As a rule, each member is only allowed to register for one online Bodog online casino account. Bodog Department uses the most innovative software technology to ensure fairness, advanced security measures and 24/24 monitoring to ensure game safety and security.

Bodog partners with a third-party financially secure company to ensure the highest standards for its customers. So you can feel secure when signing up for a bodog account and betting, in addition to there are many poker tutorials for everyone to refer to, wish you a successful bodog registration!