How to play unique Roulette 100% successful players

Roulette is one of Malaysia’s favorite online casino Malaysia games. Some people win big, some people lose miserably, some people think that playing. Roulette is winning big bets and small bets, this is true because there is no house that does not want to make a profit. So how to help the player who always wins, the winner is bigger? The only way is to act in the house’s direction.

If this is considered the most solid way of playing the Roulette roulette, then probably no one believes it, but when you step into the real casino, this game is extremely useful, you will only win, not lose. 2 common situations when playing roulette:

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Scenario 1: Reverse the crowd trend

When playing Roulette, try to play at multiplayer tables. Playing at these tables focuses on observing the psychology of each opponent and their play. The tendency of players to easily lean toward a certain door. For example, in favor of parity or red and black.

When the majority leans in, I bet against them. For example: Most people bet on odd, even bets, most bet on red, you bet on black, they bet on you, you bet … … Your next job is to wait for money to pour into your account.

Scenario 2: Hit the door of a forgotten crowd

When the majority of players are focused on wagering, the red and black and red bets are very rare. Seizing this opportunity, I placed the door of the forgotten crowd.

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Special situation in Roulette: Play by the dealer

On the table, if there is 10,000 VND in Sic Bo but only 100 is in Bet but the rate is still expanding, the player is the main opponent of the house.

Betting on the house is betting on its opposite side, which means betting on that side. A simple calculation, if you go to Under then the dealer will take a great deal of compensation to the player, and about Big, the house will make a lot of profit so in this special situation the Under Door will not open.

This situation rarely occurs in online casino casinos, it only happens in live casino casinos only. But it is not redundant when you play in a small casino, not reputable if encountered, just use this way of playing.