How to deposit and withdraw money when playing online betting

After hours of study, stressful labor, we all need to have leisure and recreation to regain strength and spirit. As society grows with a high-tech lifestyle, entertainment with online games is the most attractive. So how to withdraw money when playing online betting.

Currently there are many different bookmakers, each of them has different forms of online betting, deposit and withdrawal. Visit the online betting site of the M88 dealer and log in to your online casino Malaysia betting account.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho casino online

Then click on the cashier to withdraw money. You can only withdraw money from the main account, if not enough you must execute the transfer order from other betting accounts to the main account before you can withdraw.

After finishing the transfer, select Withdraw and click Locar Bank Transfer. Then fill in the necessary information the amount you want to withdraw, your bank information and click confirm. So you have completed online betting money withdrawal via M88.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If you have withdrawn money many times, you will notice: If your withdrawal request is sent after noon, it will not take until the next day to receive it. Here’s how to top up your account in 188bet online casino:

  • Log in to your M88 online betting account and chat with the house’s support staff
  • Provide full personal information for support staff remittance instructions
  • After acquiring bank information online M88 betting, proceed to transfer money to that account. You can perform money transfer in many ways such as: transferring money directly from a bank, via ATM or using Internet Banking ….
  • Once the funds have been transferred to your account, log in to your betting account and then click on the balance display. Then click on the cashier and deposit, in the deposit section select quick tranfer, fill in the money transfer information. So you’ve completed the online betting deposit via M88.