Review of Empire777 online casino on mobile

Empire777 is one of the interesting online gambling sites that includes all the elements that can bring fun and interesting things. Empire777 mobile products and services provided by the Empire777 dealer are both licensed and regulated by the Cagayan Leading Recreation Corporation itself.

With very interesting products, like live casino games, Baccarat, or Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and other slot games, the Empire777 house wants to be a casino. The best online casino in Asia by giving you a real casino experience.

The friendly customer-friendly Empire777 service is available 24/7 so you have the best gambling experience and fast withdrawals. The Empire777 dealer also rewards loyal players with the best bonuses and discounts, along with real special promotions for a seasonal event!

The convenience of new mobile features

There are so many exciting products in this Malaysian online casino such as live casino games, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and many more slot games. The Empire777 bookmaker always wants to be the best online casino in Asia by bringing a real variety of casino experiences to you on mobile Empire777.

There are so many exciting products

Very friendly customer service is available 24/7 so you guys have the best gambling experiences and real money withdrawals. The Empire777 dealer has also rewarded many loyal players with the best bonuses and is also on sale, along with special promotions for many seasonal events!

Besides, for the mobile Empire777 to win the trust of customers, the Empire777 mobile dealer takes great care of its security system. They know that and having the customer belief is the most important thing. Empire777 does not want any part of the information of those who are lost or stolen.

A very tight and safe betting system

When playing at Empire777 mobile casino, your personal information is very important to the bookmaker. They always adhere to very strict information privacy and confidentiality policies.

Definitions of online casino games with Live Dealers (Part 2)

If you are wondering whether this is a live video or a pre-set video, rest assured, dealers always have a phone in front of them, a number, you can call to see if it rings a bell or not.

Two more, some bookies put the TV screen behind the dealer, broadcast international TV programs such as CNN, BBC … Players can easily compare and verify.

The feeling of gambling more real

With games in the E-games area, playing with the automatic system, the speed is adjusted according to the player, fast and slow to think freely, but it seems a bit boring if forever playing with the soulless system.

Someone dealing cards, especially pretty girls, is a completely different story. Moreover, games with Live Dealers also have play styles that other games cannot. For example, turn over slowly, turn cards at will, bet right in the game.

What Casino games are available in this area

For those who love this strategy game, it is certainly not impossible to ignore the tables in the online casino area. The tables are often packed with seats in this sleepless world.

Baccarat online

The card game is similar to the scratch card in Vietnam, but the player is not tied to a single hand, but can bet on any hand, Banker, Player or Tie.

Roulette and Sicbo

These games have been popular in most casinos worldwide, and now online casinos. The game is run as in the casino, drop the ball with Roulette and dice with Sicbo is conducted every game after the player has bet.

There are many other games but just a brief introduction so you can imagine the world of these games. The list of games and specific instructions will be covered in another series of articles.


Online Casino games with Live Dealers satisfy even the most skeptical players. Although there are still a few small minus points, but with the outstanding advantages and the only attractive game list here, the online casino area is still the sleepless world in online casinos with crowded players.

Definitions of online casino games with Live Dealers (Part 1)

I myself know that when playing online casino games, whether playing slots, playing cards, or other games in online casino, the results are completely transparent and public if you play at the house as big and prestigious as I introduced.

However, there are still many people who are ‘anxious’ about this, and only trust games with real dealers, with clear forms of verification to trust. And moreover, these games also feel much more like a ‘casino’ than other games.

1. Situation

When participating in online bookmakers, you are participating in a casino. Only this casino acts completely different from the actual casinos. It is based on technology to connect players to the house.

The system is organized in a completely transparent and fair manner, properly supervised by governmental organizations, not some underground organizations as many people think. There are corporations of up to thousands of full-time employees.

Connecting players and dealers via the internet, technically almost with the current technology is absolutely no problem. You all know the power of it, just a tiny device is able to access the global entertainment information store.

However, the problem is the trust, the trust of the player for the house. How do I know they’re transparent? Will they cheat me? How do I know if the results are random, just like when I am playing other gambling games in real life?

These questions need a clearer and more specific answer than just being transparent about how transparent the online casino system is, how it is controlled. Because players do not know where the system is, how it works, they do not want to find out, they feel confident they play, or they stop. Therefore, the bookies have come up with a series of novel games to reassure God of objectivity.

2. Online Casino games with Live Dealers

With the purpose of highlighting transparency, and bringing a realistic casino atmosphere to the players, Live Dealers games are operated based on live broadcast technology, with outstanding advantages:

Absolute transparency

The game is started normally as when playing at the house, real cards, real roulette, real dice, live dealer. It’s just that players connect via the Internet and bet by clicking instead of using chips like at casinos.

Instructions to play football betting at the house Dafabet

Welcome to Dafabet online betting bookmaker, which is now one of the top bookmakers in the Asian market in general.

Dafabet always offers players online betting and online gaming at home, along with attractive forms of betting such as sports betting, online casino, poker games, and a variety of other interesting online games.

Step 1: Register for a Dafabet personal account

Visit the official website of the dealer and create a dafabet account opening process. You can refer to our previous tutorial article or you can ask the support of the house’s customer service staff, if anything is not understood.

Step 2: Log into the house system

Log in to the account you just created using the username and password, the system after confirming the account will bring the player to the official interface of the dealer.

Step 3: Select SPORTS section to play betting

On the menu bar there will be online betting games of this house Dafabet, players who want to bet on football then select the “sports” section, then select “football”.

If you want to bet now, please click on Today to see the list of matches that will take place during the day. Or if you want to choose a tournament in a sporting event. Customers can place bets at a random tournament or an event that finds a special interest in them.

Step 4: Select the tournament to bet

Click on Choose Tournament. In the boxes of the windows are randomly and differently posted, the player can also choose multiple matches at the same time when you click the Check All box. Then all matches that everyone can bet on will be displayed by the system and will be listed.

Step 5: Select the betting contract to bet in that match

On this home page of the dafabet, when the player has chosen a specific match to bet on, at the bottom will be the types of bets that players can fully use, swipe down to see and Go ahead and choose your favorite match. Choose the type of rafters you already know about, understand and see if it fits or not.

Step 6: Proceed to select the odds to bet

Definitely when your account has enough money, this feature will show up. Many different odds are for customers, so you can compare and analyze before you choose.

Step 7: Enter the amount of the bet

You now have a bet slip, which will appear on the left of the interface. It will ask customers to enter the amount that will bet on, as much as you like.

Step 8: Check your odds and bet

Check once to see if your test is all right or not, if everything is okay then click Ok to confirm your agreement.

Step 9: Check the bet code

If you still want to check your bet code, then click on the Bet List item at the top right of the screen.

Experience winning mobile online casino for beginners

To play online casino mobile victory is not difficult, but it requires the player to integrate many different factors when participating in the competition.

For those who are new to mobile gaming, they need the experience to become a winner:

• As a newcomer, you have to understand the rules of each of the different types of cards to capture and see what kind of card you best suited to participate in the official game screen.

• Learn the secret to playing that card genre carefully to accumulate more playing skills.

• During the game, you need to focus on observing each player’s playing style to see what they have advantages and disadvantages to improvise.

• Players must be “calculating the risk” during the game to expect a high chance of winning.

• When playing cards, you must always master yourself, especially mentally and financially. If you find yourself unlucky, you should exit the table and stop the game here to ensure the money.

• The luck factor is one of the indispensable things when playing cards whether you play online or offline. Therefore, playing cards not only shows skill, knowledge but also luck.

In addition, after each game, new players should spend time thinking and practicing the type of cards they entertain on their phones to gain more experience to improve their chances of winning.

What should you do to avoid losing bets at casinos?

To limit the loss when playing online casino games, you should take steps to adjust from small to large to quickly become the winner of the game. Whereby:

• After each game, you should sit back and review your opponent’s style of play to review yourself and learn their good moves from which to increase your gambling level.

• You should learn more skills and experience of playing each type of card that you are pursuing to easily win yourself.

• To minimize losing cards, you should overcome the reasons for losing the above-mentioned lesson by practicing gambling skills every day, maintaining the psychology of gambling, financial control.

• You must proactively seek your luck by participating in different bookmakers to entertain the casino. For the ones that you are black, you should exit to preserve the existing money and earn the ones in which you are redder.

Above are some winning experiences for new entrants to the online casino. Hopefully, you will pocket yourself for the above secrets to earn a small amount of money after entertaining with all kinds of cards.

What Is Online Casino? – The Basics Things To Know

Playing online gambling at an online casino is now very popular in the world.

You can play real money online gambling without having to step out of the house, just a computer with an internet connection can completely immerse you in the wonderful entertainment world that only casino online can bring.

Online casino is a website that offers real money online card games with many online gambling games. When playing, you will see real dealers online in front of the camera, this dealer is called a dealer. This is one of the new and best features of online casinos. You can talk to the dealer if you like. Help bring the table feel more real than video games in traditional online casinos. makes you feel like you are sitting in a casino in real life.

There are many games you can join in an online casino. These games are played by real people. Thanks to that, you can watch their actions directly. Here are the most popular card games today.


This game is extremely simple, Dealer will deal with all the cards in the Player and Banker’s hands. Each side has 3 cards. The player can place any door. The highest 9 points, if the player puts on the right-hand wins the money.


Playing blackjack online also brings the joy of feeling that you experience in traditional casinos. You will have one dealer for everyone. Your card is turned over on the table in front of you, so you are considered how to bet. This is one of the most exciting games on online casinos, where they deal cards right in front of you.


This game consists of a wheel spun by a dealer. You bet on the boxes on the table. If the ball is stopped in the box you bet, the money you win will be taken into account.

Poker – Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem allows you to play with other players viewing the dealer with you. Dealers are allowed to view all of their posts so they can determine the winner.

The most popular betting games that w88 online casino offer (Part 3)

Shooting fish games

In recent years, shooting fish games are being “expanded” very widely in the Malaysian online casino. Even in the play center, you can easily come across this type of game.

But when you come to W88, you will have the opportunity to experience the game of shooting fish Online. The way to play is similar to the traditional fish shooting game, if you play well, you can exchange it for “real money”.

In addition to the online shooting game Fish, W88 also offers many similar types of games, such as seahorse chess game, plane shooting game, etc.

Sicbo dice game

Coming to the game of dice, dice (Sicbo) at W88, you will have the opportunity to experience the game very popular at online casinos today. This game originated from China, but there are also information that this game was founded by Malaysian.

This Sicbo Online game has very simple rules, the house will shake 3 dice and you bet on the box you want. For example, you will bet on a blind or an odd, odd or even bet, etc.. Simply that.


The two betting products that W88 invests a lot are iLotto and Keno. No matter where you are, when participating in this game, the results will always be calculated in real time. This is one of the very fair online betting games for every player.

On the other hand, the payout ratio is also relatively high, you can withdraw money without having to pay a bet fee.

Thus, we can see one thing, that is any popular betting game, many people are interested in, “they” are present at W88. Even the service quality of the game provided by the W88 dealer is even better than the other bookies.

According to a recent statistics, the number of members participating in betting at the W88 bookmaker accounts for 45% compared to the remaining famous bookmakers. Among them, the number of Malaysian taking bets at W88 accounts for more than 75%.

And certainly in the future, the online betting products of house W88 will be very much interested.

The most popular betting games that w88 online casino offer (Part 2)

Online Blackjack card game

If you are a fan of blackjack, then try the Blackjack at W88 online casino immediately. This game is very simple to play, a lot of players, the odds are also good, if you are lucky, you can win well.

This BlackJack Online game has to be said to be very popular. Any bookie runs this type of game.

Slots (Spinning jars, exploding jars)

Come to the house W88, you can choose your favorite slot game type. On average, the number of players participating in this game can range from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands.

When participating in the game, players can know in advance how much money they will have after each round of play, which is why the number of people playing this game has also increased significantly.

Roulette Online

Online Roulette is also a very popular game at casinos today. This game is quite easy to play, but not everyone knows the rules and how to play this game.

For Roulette Online, we will have 1 table with numbers, 1 roulette and 1 small ball. The bet format has many different forms, how you bet is up to you. If the small ball falls in the number box on the roulette wheel, the final result is the same as the one you bet, then you are considered “lucky”.

This is a very simple game, easy to play, relatively high% winning, the number of players involved is also very crowded.

Sports betting

Referring to football betting, football betting, betting on sports, etc. then I often think of W88. These are considered the hottest services at W88 today.

Every football season, the number of people involved in betting on football (catching fainting, catching, losing, etc.), football matchmaking at W88 has increased many times. I personally know W88 is also because of that football betting, namely the English Premier League.

In addition, traditional sports also have very attractive betting odds. What is your favorite sport? Want to take part in betting for the sport you like? W88 fully meets all your needs, including electronic sports.

Some types of roulette tables casinos often use

Roulette is a popular game at casinos all over the world today. However, in every country, there is a difference from the original game, typically Roulette tables.

Some casinos will use a number of different tables, with different online casinos you may encounter different types of Roulette tables. Here are some types of Roulette roulette tables you may encounter. Let’s learn to not be confused when participating in this online casino game.

French roulette table

France is the cradle of the Roulette. Therefore, the French Roulette table is most popular. In most casinos, it is easier to come across this type of table. This roulette wheel has 37 numbered boxes, numbered from 0 – 36, with 2 red – black painted alternately.

Because this roulette has a 0-digit box, some places are often called 1-digit turntables. The sequences of numbers and characters on the turntable use French terminology. When participating in this roulette table, players can use the basic chips at the casino to bet on each game. The French roulette table has only 1 zeros, so the house edge for betting on the house is only 2.7%, and the winning rate for outside bets is 1.37%.

American Roulette table

This type of roulette table you can see in the United States, Canada, the Bahamat Islands, the Caribbean Islands and some countries in Asia. American Roulette roulette table is hit with 38 boxes, from 0 – 36 and one more box with two zeros is 00. Because there is one more box with two zeros, this roulette table is also called a 2-digit roulette table. Like the French roulette wheel, the American Roulette wheel is alternately painted in red and black.

The ordering of numbers and characters on the roulette table is completely different from the French roulette table. The characters and the number order are all American style and used in English. With an American-style table, players can use chips designed specifically to bet on each game.

The difference between American and French roulette tables is that the American roulette has an extra two-digit box, which increases the house edge. In single and mixed bets, the house edge is at 5.26%.

Mixing Roulette table

This is an American Roulette, but there is only one zero without two zeros. This is a combination of French and American roulette tables. This type of roulette table is mainly applied in England and in the UK only Roulette type of roulette table is legal. Because this roulette table lacks a two-digit box, the house edge on the house edge is only 2.7%.

I have introduced to you some Roulette roulette tables that are commonly used in casinos around the world. Hopefully, this article will help you to play the roulette in every online casino.

The most popular betting games that w88 online casino offer (Part 1)

The W88 online casino currently offers a lot of online betting game services, meeting all the tastes of today’s betting community.

On the other hand, the “products” of W88 are always applied 100% of the latest technology today. When participating in the house “W88”, you will surely experience the betting game invested with the best quality.

Some of the popular types of services at W88 include Casino, sports / football betting, game slots, eSports, Keno, iLotto, etc. The house games you can also find at other bookmakers like FB88, HappyLuke, etc.

Link to W88

Make sure that after accessing, you will go to W88’s homepage quickly, accurately and safely, without having to worry about the “wrong link” or access to fake links.

The link above is suitable for any operating system (IOS, Android, Windows). Every day, I will constantly update the backup W88 links to ensure your access will not be problematic. So, you should feel comfortable and secure to bet on W88.

Note, if you want to access the links to the W88 website easily and conveniently. Please proceed to change the DNS address (if not accessible) on your device.

W88 Poker online

Most at the “Casino”, Poker is a card game that is loved by many people. Coming to W88, you will have the opportunity to experience this exciting game directly.

This game is relatively easy to play, you just need to grasp a few principles to be able to “show off”. Whether or not the god is lucky to smile at you, it depends on yourself.

Baccarat game online

This card game is quite interesting, especially the relatively high percentage of winning and losing. This means you can place bets on each game as a house or guest. If you win, it will be calculated according to the total points earned.

There was a round and a friend tried playing Baccarat Online game at W88, the results both win quite a lot. Overall, this is also a pretty interesting game that you.