Blackjack power belongs entirely to the player (Part 2)

In 1966, Thorp wrote the second book about the complexity of a system. The irony is that the introduction of a card counting system has brought a profit to the dealer, by attracting a large number of online poker players to exchange Blackjack prizes, these many players want to follow Thorp to earn. Money, but not everyone can make as much money as a professor.

Through this book, players can understand each small aspect of Blackjack Blackjack. In order to calculate, the professor created a system of explanation for the remaining cards after the other cards were dealt to the players.

Specifically, this calculation system is as follows.

Small cards are good for the dealer or dealer, but once they leave the table, the advantage will naturally be for the player, so players need to seize the opportunity to bet more.

Larger cards will benefit the player, but once they leave the table, these advantages will be for the dealer or dealer itself, so players need to bet less money.

So when using this method it is estimated that these players will have 60 to 75% chance of winning the dealer.

How does Malaysia online casino counter the counting system?

After nearly 50 years of finding the Blackjack counting system, online Malaysia casinos often apply the rules, make a blacklist, or use a shuffle machine so that a Blackjack player cannot win the bet.

At this point, many players will ask whether there is a way to calculate Professor Thorp’s card that is still effective to be applied to playing Blackjack? Please affirm to you that is YES. Players and casinos are always competing fiercely with each other, while new Malaysia online casinos are still in their infancy so they do not have much experience to deal with blackjack calculations. The tricks use the dealer ‘s own card shuffle to be beaten, so Blackjack players who know how to calculate the cards still have quite a lot of chances to make money from the dealer.

Although you know that, online casinos do not want to give up Blackjack, because this type of betting still brings a lot of profit for online casinos, although not many. So for a long time, Blackjack became a confrontation between the dealer and the players. Since then Blackjack has become an effective investment tool for players who know how to calculate according to the method of Professor Thorp.

I wish you soon become a Blackjack master.