Blackjack – power belongs entirely to the player (Part 1)

BlackJack is one of the most popular casino gambling games for players at online casinos. However, it is not merely a gambling game, but only thanks to the math system of mathematicians, the right to decide whether to win or lose will largely lie in the hands of the player, not the house or the base on chance, because this game is only 20% lucky, the remaining 80% will completely depend on your own experience and judgment.

It is very strange to play Blackjack game which is considered by many professional players as a form of investment. Compared to the traditional investment channels, Blackjack is considered a simple investment, has a short investment time but brings a high profit, and takes less risk compared to other types of investment. such as stocks, stocks, real estate, etc.

Why does gambling with blackjack have superior power over players?

First, information about the cards that have been issued and the remaining cards in Blackjack will completely benefit the player.

Second, there is no any information competition between the house and the player

For these two reasons, Blackjack has been considered by the international bookmakers to be a product that does not bring high profit compared to other gambling games in the casino.

Do you know who invented this Blackjack scoring system? Professor Edward Thorp – who owns a master’s degree in physics and a PhD in mathematics. With the introduction of a 21 point Blackjack scoring system, it has brought many advantages for players.

The journey of Blackjack calculation algorithm

In the 1960s, from a person who knew nothing about gambling, Thorp was taken to Las Vegas casino to play. There, Blackjack became quite interesting for him. Over time, Thorp realized that it was possible to use algorithms to help players defeat the bookies.

In 1962, he published a book titled how to beat the casino dealer which described in detail 10 card counting systems.