4 steps to increase the winning rate at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

3. Knowing when to temporarily stop playing

We have to know where our strength can go. How much is my money left? How much did the casino spend?

Casino games are like a heartbeat, sometimes giving you life like a king, sometimes making you die will not close your eyes. When you lose more than 50%, you should stop, do not let too much money, fear that want to go on and go.

Often we have the mentality of losing and wanting to equalize, so just sit and play when the tie is back. But remember, the longer you sit for the benefit of the casino, there is a perception if you notice that it will be “the longer you sit, the less you lose”.

We can do droughts anywhere, but online casino games make people cowardly. When there is an expression about to lose, should stand up to get back.

Remember, do not be greedy. Eating money is quite good, still want to earn more, beware of losing both lead and fishing.

Best no matter how much you lose, do not intend to ask to borrow or withdraw money from the atm.

4. Appropriate tactical application

The tactical books that you often buy in the bookstore should leave the nightstands to watch, rather than bring them to online casino. Casino games without tips are available. If it’s available then it’s not our turn to read it. Did those strategies really help us get rich, maybe now i’m sitting on the moon drinking tea.

Those documents really make money, only make money for the people who write it. Getting rich from those things, the casino closed long ago.

We think we’re going to win the casino, they make a big mistake and they’re smarter than we thought. In casinos, they often give their advantages to them more, so more or less we will lose.

Tactics are like pills, right cure. There is no tactic that can be applied to many different games. Good luck!