10 US cities made billions thanks to casinos

1. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Turnover 2013: US $ 6,207 billion

The Las Vegas Strip is the gambling capital of the world. Tourists from around the world flock here to gamble and relax at luxury resorts.

2. Atlantic, New Jersey

Turnover 2013: US $ 3,052 billion

Before Vegas became the gambling capital of the world, this position belonged to Atlantic. Today, the city is still a popular gambling destination for people living in the Eastern United States. In addition, with beautiful beaches, beauty contests …, this city attracts a lot of visitors to resort and gamble.

3. Chicago, Illinois

2013 revenue: $ 2,243 billion

In Chicago, there are dozens of different casinos, bringing in more than $ 2.2 billion in revenue in 2013. In addition to casinos, Chicago also attracts visitors thanks to its diverse culture and arts …

4. Detroit, Michigan

Turnover 2013: US $ 1,417 billion

Although some industries such as car production in Detroit tend to decline, the gambling market in this city is constantly growing. You can find many famous casinos in Detroit, like the MGM Grand.

5. Connecticut

Turnover 2013: US $ 1,230 billion

Connecticut is home to a large number of gamblers from neighboring states such as New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Turnover 2013: US $ 1,167 billion

Philadelphia is a historic city loved by many travelers. But many people may not know that this is also the ideal place to gamble. The top casinos can be mentioned here are Harrah, Parx Casino and Sugar House Casino. In addition, Philadelphia is also famous for horse racing.

7. St. Louis, Missouri

Revenue 2013: $ 1,108 billion

St. Louis is a beautiful and thriving city in Missouri. Much of the city’s revenue depends on casinos.

8. Gulf Coast, Mississippi

Turnover 2013: US $ 1,095 billion

The Gulf Coast in Mississippi was once devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but this did not stop the development of casinos there. Immediately after repairing the damage caused by the storm, the casinos here quickly returned to normal operation.

9. Poconos, Pennsylvania

Revenue 2013: 902.48 million

Poconos is a great place in Pennsylvania to relax and gamble. Popular spots here are the Mount Airy casino resort with 188 rooms and the Mohegan Sun casino in the city center.

10. Tunica and Lula, Mississippi

Turnover 2013: 821.95 million USD

Tunicia and Lula in Mississippi attract a lot of gambling tourists from neighboring states such as Memphis, Tennessee. Because gambling as well as online is illegal in Tennessee, many people come to Tunicia and Lula to satisfy this hobby.